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Iraq Moratorium: The Cornwall Edition

The IRAQ MORATORIUM is a series of escalating local activities throughout the country on the third Friday of every month demanding an end to the war. It’s a way of saying: “It’s got to stop! We’ve got to stop it.”

The CORNWALL MORATORIUM NETWORK aims to make Cornwall a flagship and a laboratory for the Moratorium.

We recognize that the Iraq war is not just something of concern to those who are already committed to ending the war. The Iraq war, and its consequences, is something that the great majority of people, here and nationwide, are worrying about, whatever the current views on what should be done. We want to create mutually respectful dialogue among everyone in town about constructive ways to deal with the situation our country has got itself into.

We recognize the sacrifice that has been made by the men and women in the armed forces who have been sent to the Iraq region. We are horrified at the failure of our country to provide them decent medical care and career opportunities on their return – and by the fact that one-quarter of all homeless Americans are veterans. We are committed to protecting the rights of veterans and those currently in the military, and will seek concrete ways to do so.

We recognize that the U.S. involvement in Iraq is not going to be ended by one demonstration or one political campaign. We are likely to be living with this war, and certainly with its consequences, for years to come. We need to build a community of concern that can make create pressure for change on an on-going basis. The IRAQ MORATORIUM provides a way to go through this terrible time in connection with others. That way we will be organized to take the actions that are needed as the opportunity comes along.

For those who oppose the war, the IRAQ MORATORIUM provides a chance to find your own way to take a stand.

Take the pledge at The Iraq Moratorium Website

I hereby make a commitment that on the Third Friday of each and every month, I will break my daily routine and take some action, by myself or with others, to end the War in Iraq. I PROMISE!



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Iraq Moratorium: Cornwall Edition
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