local impeachment hearings

This is my first effort to use "this" X or Y. . . hope it's not annoying to "email the entire group immediately"!  

I'd like to communicate with anyone who wants to initiate local impeachment hearings at  their town hall, the high school, the nearest law school or community college, wherever.  If we don't use impeachment hearings to get our Constitution back, signing up for the Iraq Moratorium is like signing up to be visited by Blackwater employees 6 weeks or 6 months or a year or two from now. Democracy is being shut down systematically in the USA and all this primary froth and fever is a distraction from the ongoing reality of no habeus corpus, no privacy, no bill of rights, no home security, no homeland security, no Constitutional protections, no Ninth Amendment rights, etc.   

I try to put usefull information, poems, proposals, into the conservingconsensus.us blog most days and any comments most welcome. 

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Thank you, Charlie,

You're welcome to cross-post any information, poems and discussions here! And I agree, we have to take back the Constitution, repeal the Patriot Act and start the long road back to being a country of the people, by the people and for the people again. Charge Halliburton with war profiteering, along with the oil companies. And fire Blackwater ASAP.

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Iraq Moratorium: Cornwall Edition
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